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During this difficult period, Deo Veritas remains open though customers may experience delays in customer support and deliveries. 


Most men in London are familiar and comfortable buying their tailored shirts from a bespoke shirt maker in high rent commercial areas such as Savile Row or Jermyn Street. Deo Veritas provides the same level of service, quality, at a significantly more competitive price, due largely to the fact that we have no overhead (rent).  As such, the savings associated with ordering tailored shirts online is 40 - 60% less, which we pass on to our customers.

Advances in both web technology and supply chain allow users to design a tailored shirt online that they can receive in as little as 7 days (guaranteed in 14 days). Our sports allegiances and accents may be different but our Chicago based crew love servicing our London UK clientele.


Deo Veritas makes the measurement process a breeze with 4 different yet easy to follow methods.  Most notable is QSizing, our proprietary algorithm sizing method.  Answer a few questions (i.e. height, weight, age, fit preference...) and you'll have a fit profile that we guarantee to fit -- no measuring tape required.  


Deo Veritas has been reviewed several times against other made to measure, tailored shirt companies.  In almost every tailored shirt review, Deo Veritas was voted as one of the favorites if not the best tailored shirt on the market.  We encourage prospective customers to search online for reviews and draw their own conclusion.  A few comparisons of note are listed below.

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