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Headquartered in Chicago, Deo Veritas has been producing custom dress shirts exclusively online since 2007. In that time, Deo Veritas has established a reputation as one of the premium shirt makers worldwide.

Custom Dress Shirts
Custom dress shirts made in Chicago

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Custom dress shirts Chicago

Custom Dress Shirt online or visiting tailor in the city?

Most Chicagoans are familiar and comfortable buying their custom dress shirts from a store front tailor in the Loop, Old Town, River North, etc... What you're paying for more so than anything else is the cost ($$$) of simply visiting these exclusive locations. Deo Veritas provides the same level of service, quality, at a significantly more competitive price. The savings associated with ordering custom made dress shirts online is 40 - 60% less than a comparable dress shirt from a traditional store front tailor. Advances in both web technology and supply chain allow users to design a customized shirt online that they can receive in a timely manner (typically 21 - 24 days). As a Chicago based company, you can almost always get a hold off one of our customer service agents (via phone, email, or IM) with any questions pertaining to the process or our products.


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Deo Veritas has been reviewed several times against other made to measure shirt companies. In almost every custom dress review, Deo Veritas was voted as one of the favorites if not the best custom dress shirt on the market. We encourage prospective customers to search online for reviews and draw their own conclusion. Three comparisons of note are shown below:

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"My Deo Veritas shirts have earned a permanent spot in my closet"

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"Deo Veritas makes customization easy. Their shirts present a fantastic value which we can earnestly recommend"

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"One of the finest custom menswear brands that you’ll find anywhere"

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"Using their QSize algorithm, Deo Veritas absolutely killed it with the fit of the dress shirts we received"

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"You owe it to yourself to check out Deo Veritas. I’m a very happy customer and can wholeheartedly recommend them"

Amazing fabrics. Outstanding design. Perfect fit.

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Custom Dress Shirts
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