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Custom Dress Shirt worn by men

Why Buy a
Custom Dress Shirt
vs. Off the Rack?

Finding a store bought dress shirt that fits flawlessly will require you to compromise in at least 1 of 3 areas, i.e. fabric, style, or fit.

The odds of hitting all 3 are slim to say the least.

The goal of Deo Veritas remains unique yet simple — a perfect fitting dress shirt that can be designed intuitively with unique materials and classic style options.

10+ years and tens of thousands of satisfied customers later, Deo Veritas remains the sartorialist’s choice in premium custom shirting.

The 5 Benefits of Custom Dress Shirts from Deo Veritas

  • Perfect Fit in 60 Seconds

    Find your perfect fit with QSizing, our algorithm derived sizing tool that builds you a unique fit profile based on a just few simple questions — height, weight, collar size, tuck preference, etc. No measuring tape required.

  • Style & Materials

    200+ fabrics with a large curated collection of design options including 19 collars, 10 cuffs, and other unique attributes that will distinguish your shirt from the masses. Our new shirt designer renders a realistic image of your designed shirt.

  • Workmanship

    All of our shirts are handmade using old world and time tested techniques by our team in Istanbul. All of our shirting carry the hallmarks of fine (e.g. single needle stitching throughout, two piece split yokes, reinforced bottom hem gussets, and pattern matching at the placket and yoke).

  • Fast Delivery

    Once shirts have been thoroughly inspected and passed our quality screening they are packed and shipped (via DHL). Delivery is guaranteed within 14 days with many orders arriving in as little as 5 days.

  • Fit Guarantee

    If for any reason your first shirt does not fit perfectly, we’ll take care of it regardless of fault. No questions asked.

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Perfectly fitting dress shirt

Achieve a Perfect Fit via QSizing, our Algorithm Fit Tool

Our proprietary fit system has been used by tens of thousands to achieve a perfect fitting custom dress shirt. It's ideal for those that are short on time and (best of all) does not require a measuring tape.

We start with 10 simple fit questions that takes under a a minute to complete (ex. age, height, collar size). Those values are fed into the algorithm which calculates a profile used to create a unique shirt pattern cut to your exact shape.

If we don’t get it quite right the first time, no need to fret. All first time orders are eligible for a complimentary alteration or remake, regardless of fault. No questions asked.

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  • Modest Man Press icon

    “My Deo Veritas shirts have earned a permanent spot in my closet“

  • NBC Press icon

    “One of the finest custom menswear brands you’ll find anywhere”

  • Ben & Arthur Press icon

    “Deo Veritas makes customization easy. Their shirts present a fantastic value.“

How to design your 1st shirt

  • Select your dress shirt fabric icon

    1. Select your fabric

    Starting at $75, peruse our collection of 200+ shirt fabrics that covers all price points, materials and styles.

  • Design your dress shirt icon

    2. Design your shirt

    View a high definition, rendered copy of your designed shirt. Over a dozen customizable options to choose from.

  • Enter your dress shirts fit

    3. Enter your fit

    Select from four easy to follow measurement methods. If for any reason your shirt does not fit perfectly, we’ll take care of it regardless of fault. No questions asked.

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