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The Forgotten Club Collar Shirt

Lloyd Hughes

The Club Collar Shirt Of Old

In the 1850’s, England’s Eton College updated their school uniform dress code. Little did they know, their rounded dress shirt collar points would soon become a hit. The style was associated with the exclusive college and a new trend began, giving way to the “club” collar. This style peaked during the 1920’s as seen in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and neared its end on Madison Avenue in the 1960’s.


club collar shirt with pin

Back in style.

Cyclical style trends are a given and the club collar has rode that wave back into prominence. Several reputable designers are offering shirts with them, including slim fit cuts and contrasting colors. It’s an easy way to add personal style to the status quo. Usually worn with a collar pin and tie, it projects a formal appearance, but now with more options available, the tie and pin can be left at home.

Keep in mind, however, the club collar favors those with a slim, narrow shaped face. If you have a rounder, fuller shape, a club collar will pronounce this feature more so, an illusion of the eye. We have a basic guide on what to look for when finding the right collar.

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