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Com­pli­ment­ing your dress shirt with the right acces­sories can take you from ordi­nary to ele­gant. I’m not talk­ing about glis­ten­ing rings on your knuck­les or ear­rings dan­gling from an ear­lobe. Clean, clas­sic and under­stated, cuf­flinks, tie bars and col­lar pins is what it takes to ele­vate your game.

Cuf­flinks have a long his­tory in men’s style, going back to the days of kings and queens. Mod­ern con­ve­nience (or lazi­ness) has dimin­ished their promi­nence so use this to your advan­tage. You won’t be fol­low­ing a trend but lead­ing the way. No longer just for for­mal occa­sions, feel free on a night out or the office to add a bit of ele­gance. There are sev­eral cuf­flink designs to choose from, rang­ing from high end cuf­flinks to afford­able so it depends on your needs and bud­get. I’d rec­om­mend keep­ing the designs sim­ple so they can work with most of your shirts, but keep in mind your per­sonal style as well.

Tie bars have had a renais­sance thanks to the folks over at Ster­ling Cooper. Besides being under­stated and clas­sic, they also have  the func­tional pur­pose of pre­vent­ing your tie from land­ing in your soup. Keep­ing your tie in check with a touch of sil­ver dis­creetly improves any look. Have at least one unadorned,  sil­ver tie bar made of qual­ity which works with any tie and shirt com­bi­na­tion. If you pre­fer nar­row ties, get a shorter tie bar as well.

Dur­ing the early and mid 20th cen­tury, soft shirt col­lars would often curl up of their own accord. Col­lar pins were used to keep them at bay while adding a sub­tle touch of ele­gance by lift­ing the tie knot to promi­nence. Soft col­lars are no longer an issue, but adding a col­lar pin hasn’t lost its dis­creet visual appeal. They’re avail­able in three forms, depend­ing on your preference.

A small pro­file col­lar and a tight, small knot with your tie, as seen below, works the best with your col­lar pin.

Another great acces­sory, though, not for a dress shirt but sports coat, is a pocket square, which I’ve men­tioned before. It’s a quick, afford­able method of adding pop to a casual sports coat and dark jeans.

Cuf­flinks, a col­lar pin and tie bar shouldn’t all be worn at once, unless it’s a for­mal occa­sion such as a wed­ding. Mix and match as appro­pri­ate. It should enhance your appear­ance, adding to your dress shirt but not tak­ing any­thing away from it. Trust your­self and wear these pieces with an under­stated and clean design. Sim­ply wear­ing them will be enough.

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