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Boardwalk Empire | Guns, Gangs and Style

Jay Wen

HBO’s Boardwalk Empire picked a hell of a good time to show the birth of the American gangster. We’re given a history lesson on the rise of the legendary leaders of the underworld: Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, Arnold Rothstein and the once unknown, Nucky Johnson. With the U.S. fresh off a triumphant World War I, the decade opened to the roaring twenties. The stock market never went down, underground speakeasy’s were everywhere and everyone wanted to party. And look good doing it.

Boardwalk Empire captures the mood perfectly, along with the style. Similar to how Mad Men’s look freshened up a forgotten image, Boardwalk has done the same. Everything was tailor made, so everything fit perfectly and everyone looked their best. Lush tweed and wool suits are worn along with brightly colored ties with elegant collar pins to hold them up. Fedoras and newsboy caps were a necessity and not a prop.

It’s no accident Nucky is the best dressed man. Leading the new decade into Prohibition, he needs to set an example and demand respect. Dressing the part is in the job description. And we like what we see, with the club collars, collar pins and dress shirts that pop with color. You have to have some balls to pin a flower on your lapel.

Unfortunately, we can’t go back in time, but we can appreciate their taste. Rounded club collars, cuff links, collar pins, tie bars and tweeds can find a warm place in your wardrobe. I wouldn’t recommend wearing everything at once, which would be overwhelming, but adding a few touches to each outfit. We like the small spread collar with rounded corners from our collection, giving you a mafioso swagger with a modern look. We’ve already explained how to wear dress shirt accessories, but for a visual inspiration, courtesy of the Sartorialist, observe the gentleman below.

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