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The First Deo Veritas Fitting Event in Chicago

Giorgio D'Antonio

Our First Deo Veritas Fitting Event In Chicago

Upwards of 100 guests rolled through Naansense’s doors two Saturday’s ago. By all accounts, this first Fitting & Tasting event was not just a learning experience but a resounding success. Getting in front of guys and showing them what makes our products special is something we’re truly passionate about it. We can’t thank everyone enough for showing up. It was an amazing night that we can’t wait to do again.

We wanted to create an environment that allowed our guests to open their eyes and senses, and sample our products in a risk free environment. How we got there is a story worth telling.

Naansense signage and Deo Veritas fitting event

A taste for the senses.

Naansense, led by its founder Viral Patel has been in blitzkrieg mode since they inaugurated 6 months ago. Their model is focused on bringing fast, casual, deconstructed takes on many traditional Indian classics. Chefs Hiran Patel and Sahil Singh draw from their roots in London and Mumbai to serve both traditional Indian foods and recipes re-imagined with a modern American spin. Their growth within such a short period has been nothing short of phenomenal, as their numerous online reviews and round-the-block lines can attest.

Sample Custom Deo Veritas Fitting event Dress Shirt

Deo Veritas’ story is a bit different. Being a brand that sells exclusively online, the team felt it was time to branch out and let customers physically see and touch our products. It’s one thing to see pixels on a screen but quite another to behold. Quite simply, our goal for the night was to get in front of our customers and interact in a more intimate environment. As we seek to add new products and services, there is no better testing ground than a venue such as this.

Some of the churn from the Deo Veritas fitting event we overheard:

“I never knew Indian food could taste like this. I’m pretty accustomed (and bored) with the usual suspects, e.g. Butter Chicken and Naan. This was totally different and unexpected.”

“I’m obviously familiar with tailors but I never saw myself as a candidate – due to what I thought was a very exclusive price point. Deo Veritas’ model is appealing since it looks like something I can not only afford, but something I can do without ever sitting foot in a store.”

“One of the cooler events I’ve been to in Chicago. When you’re told you’re going to an event at an Indian restaurant, you’re expecting pretty much the usual – cheesy Bollywood music and food heavily drenched in oil and butter. I could not have been more wrong. Great house music by a live DJ, cool décor, and some amazing, non-traditional Indian food. Would love to come to something like this again.”

“I’ve always hated the way my off the rack shirts fit due to my let’s call it “unique” physique. I guess I just accepted that I was an outlier. Vinnie sized me up and gave me a lot of good advice that I’ll put to good use when I order.”

We want to thank everyone that made it out. It was all we anticipated and then some. At the next event, be prepared to see some new additions to our lineup, i.e. SUITS!

And without further adieu, a few photos that help frame the evening:

Deo Veritas Fitting Event shirts on display


deo veritas fitting event marketing material


Collar and cuff links at deo veritas fitting event


Swatch books at the deo veritas fitting event


Signature centerpiece at deo veritas fitting event


Hard at our at the deo veritas fitting event


talking to customers at the deo veritas fitting event


taking measurements at the deo veritas fitting event


Food from naansense at deo veritas fitting event


chicken drumstick at deo veritas fitting event

curry fries at deo veritas fitting event


founder of naansense at deo veritas fitting event


naansense bar at deo veritas fitting event


Deo Veritas loyalists at deo veritas fitting event


DV Owners at Deo Veritas fitting event

A truly fantastic event which we can’t wait to do again. Keep your eyes and ears open for an email from us very soon.