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Re-Creating the Daniel Craig Spectre Shirt

Lloyd Hughes

Daniel Craig’s Spectre Dress Shirt — Deconstructed & Remade.

Recent­ly, we were tasked with a real­ly inter­est­ing cus­tomer request — repli­cat­ing the beau­ti­ful pinned col­lar Tom Ford shirt that was pop­u­lar­ized by Daniel Craig in the James Bond film Spec­tre.  While this ‘Spec­tre Shirt’ is com­mer­cial­ly avail­able, its $600 price tag is a bit steep for most men.  After we were pro­vid­ed with a few pho­tos, we were able to suc­cess­ful­ly cre­ate our own ver­sion — which is essen­tial­ly a clone of the orig­i­nal.  The oth­er ben­e­fit (as with all our shirts) is being able to cus­tomize fit via one of our four (4) mea­sure­ment meth­ods.  The Tom Ford shirt is an off-the-rack shirt with stan­dard siz­ing.

Tom Ford Spectre shirt from James Bond recreated

Tom Ford Spec­tre shirt shown at the left. The Deo Ver­i­tas ver­sion is shown on the right.

The beau­ty of this col­lar begins with the col­lar points which are elon­gat­ed and tuck nice­ly / snug­ly behind the beau­ti­ful black blaz­er, giv­ing it per­fect con­tour and bal­ance.

The addi­tion of the eye­let holes with an accom­pa­ny­ing bronze col­lar bar makes the tie absolute­ly pop. Using a four-in-hand tie knot is best with this shirt.

The col­lar points are longer than nor­mal (3 5/8″ vs. 3″) with a 4 3/4″ spread between points.  The eye­let hole loca­tion is crit­i­cal to ensure the top knot has enough room to emerge and “pop”.

Collar Bar eyelets on Tom Ford Spectre shirt from James Bond

Eye­let holes should be placed pre­cise­ly where the top tie knot should enter through

Cock­tail cuffs are a Bond stan­dard that have become a Deo Ver­i­tas spe­cial­ty. We’ve receive more and more requests for these cuffs, which means this for­got­ten clas­sic is mak­ing a strong come­back.

French placket with Bond inspired cocktail cuffs for a Spectre Shirt

French plack­et with Bond inspired cock­tail cuffs


Main Shirt Attrib­ut­es:

  • Col­lar — Pinned Col­lar w/ Eye­let Holes
  • Cuffs — Cock­tail Cuffs
  • Plack­et — French
  • But­tons — Moth­er of Pearl
  • Inter­lin­ing — Sewn
  • Back Pleats — None

There­after hit Next, and advance to the Fit sec­tion. Select from one of our 4 fit meth­ods and advance through the process.

Spectre Shirt fit options

Deo Ver­i­tas offers 4 dif­fer­ent fit meth­ods

At the bot­tom of any of the fit sec­tions is a free form field that reads ‘Oth­er’.  In this space, enter ‘James Bond Spec­tre Shirt’.  This will instruct our tai­lors to ful­ly build the shirt to the Spec­tre spec­i­fi­ca­tions we have on file.

Spectre Shirt Notes to add

You can also use this field for any oth­er needs spe­cif­ic to the shirt or your mea­sure­ment pro­file.

That’s it!  Once you’ve com­plet­ed check­out, you’ll have your cus­tom Spec­tre shirt deliv­ered to your door in less than two weeks!

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