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Dress Shirt With Cocktail Cuffs, Inspired By James Bond

Lloyd Hughes

Inspiration For Cocktail Cuffs

The quintessential James Bond is Sean Connery. He established the brand, the image and the icon. To this day, Sean Connery is still remembered for his role as James Bond. And there’s nothing wrong with that, especially if the Italians deem you worthy enough for the nickname, Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

cocktail cuffs james bond inspiration

The choice for James Bond.

But beneath the swagger and gleaming appearance, there are the details that ultimately define the big picture. Such as his trusty Walther PPK. And the glorious Aston Martin DB5. And sir, make that shaken, not stirred.

Looking closer, he added personal style defined with classic tradition. Such as wearing a tux with a NATO watch strap. He’s mixing sensibility and style, a prudent lesson we should all follow.

Less known and most unique, however, is the Cocktail cuff. Bond/Connery can be seen in the earlier films wearing a Flowback cuff (aka Cocktail cuff, Turn-back cuff). Easy to overlook, it adds a stamp of personal style with flair. It could be considered a hybrid cuff, having attributes of the French and Barrel cuffs, the best of both styles. So do as Bond does, wearing conservative dress shirts and suits with slight tweaks, the cuffs being the most flamboyant.

james bond phone cocktail cuffs exposed

Our dress shirt designer tool.

Using our custom dress shirt tool, you can make your own Bond shirt with Cocktail cuffs. We’ve chosen a white dress shirt with a pinpoint weave, spread collar, French placket and no pocket. We also recommend getting the collar, placket and cuffs sewn, rather than fused.

cocktail cuffs blue dress shirt


There are an endless list of details that make up the Bond persona. Each new Bond, from Connery to Daniel Craig, bring a new element to the Bond style, representing some of the biggest brands in the world. Most are out of reach but a few are within our grasp, such as the Cocktail cuff. Now you can have it too.

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