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Giorgio D'Antonio

James Dean: A Style Icon.

James Dean style icon cowboy hat
JD smoke
A good rule of thumb when look­ing for inspi­ra­tion for your wardrobe, is not the cur­rent fad in the near­est Details mag­a­zine, but look­ing back on some­one that did it bet­ter. A time when dress­ing well was expect­ed but also had rules that were meant to be bro­ken, let­ting an orig­i­nal shine that much brighter from those afraid to take chances. Dur­ing mid cen­tu­ry Amer­i­ca, James Dean was one of those. He didn’t care about keep­ing him­self pret­ty like his fel­low actors, but got dirty and real. Liv­ing life, instead of fear­ing it, is what makes him a style icon and much more.

Style icon james dean convertible car

A look that would do fine today: boots, trousers, sports coat, argyle V neck sweater with col­lars just doing their thing. Casu­al cool.

Casually dressed James Dean style icon

I’d be relaxed too if I had Jack Pur­cell’s on my feet.

Fine knit sweater james dean style icon

Chino’s, V neck, pock­et watch: clas­sic but rum­pled, mak­ing the look his own. You should too.

Summer sunglasses james dean style icon

Avi­a­tor sun­glass­es will nev­er lose their appeal. And every man should wear a watch.

Hot weather clothes james dean style icon
white shirt

The look that start­ed it all: a clas­sic white T

Shooting on a wall style icon james dean

The coat’s lapels give away his pea coat. Trousers aren’t tight but give enough room to take some chances.

Smoking a cigarette james dean style icon

Doing what he did best. Look­ing cool.

Stylish sunglasses while shooting style icon james

The artist at work in a striped Oxford.

Cigarette in mouth james dean style icon

It all starts with being com­fort­able in your own skin.

Driving a sports car james dean style icon
bas­tard car

And the “Lit­tle Bas­tard” that did him in.

Style lives on.

There are plen­ty of good dis­cus­sions on how James Dean por­trayed that ulti­mate cool and orig­i­nal­i­ty, but the impor­tant thing to keep in mind, is he took risks, tak­ing on what life has to offer.  So live life the way you want to and take some chances. Do what you’re afraid to do because life is short. As it was for him.

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