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Dress Shirts for Summer | Keep Cool, Look Cool

Giorgio D'Antonio

A Cool Dress Shirt For The Summer.

With the weather warming up, what to wear when only a button down dress shirt will do?

White summer dress shirt


Well, she has the right idea. You’re going to want something light weight, light in color and with fibers that breathe well. Vibrant colors are associated with the warmer months, so select bright stripes or checks on white or light blue.

The key to keeping your cool is in the fabric. It shouldn’t absorb or trap heat but allow for the fabric to breathe. 100% cotton is an excellent conductor of heat but poplin makes a great selection as well. Poplin has a very light texture and smooth finish, similar to Pinpoint and requires little ironing. Here are specific details on men’s dress shirt fabrics.

Fabrics for a summer dress shirt.

Linen is the king of hot weather wear, but be warned of excessive wrinkling. Based off a plant based fiber, it wicks away moisture and spreads heat. It should fit your build comfortably allowing warm air to pass through. This is the most casual of summer dress shirts.

Gingham makes a nice, casual Summer shirt, appearing with small checks or squares. Magnificent Bastard provides insight on where to get a gingham dress shirt.

Another option would be a short sleeved, Madras dress shirt. Madras cotton is light weight, breathable and usually comes in different patterns of plaid.

Short sleeve button downs are laid back but a step above a polo. They look great in vibrant shades. Don’t pair with a tie and they look best, left untucked. Also, if you have an old dress shirt, get it tailored. Have the sleeves shortened to mid bicep, tapered at the waist and have the length reduced as well, just past the hips.

If you prefer long sleeved dress shirts, you can always roll them up. This is a great way to give yourself some style with a sense of purpose. Keep them near or just past the elbows.

Keep your cool and look your best this Summer following these tips. Bright colors in light shades look the best but the fabric is what will keep you dry.

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