Deo Veritas | New Look, New Improvements

At Deo Ver­i­tas, we don’t set­tle for “good enough” but con­tin­ue to make improve­ments.  We’ve over­hauled our web­site, sig­nif­i­cant­ly improv­ing the over­all look and expe­ri­ence. We’ve sim­pli­fied the tools while improv­ing the aes­thet­ics. But there’s more. Much more.


Here’s a sum­ma­ry of the major addi­tions:

New Shirt Attrib­ut­es and Options via the Shirt Cus­tomiz­er Tool.

  • One but­ton round­ed cuffs now avail­able
  • Full con­trast col­or for the out­er col­lar and cuff, along with just the inner.
  • Short sleeve tai­lored dress shirts.
  • Dia­mond mono­gram­ming.
  • Email shirt designs to friends and fam­i­ly for feed­back. You can also save shirt designs to com­plete at a lat­er time.

shirt design tool

Cus­tomer Inter­ac­tion Improve­ments

  • Live Chat — Talk to a Deo Ver­i­tas rep­re­sen­ta­tive with con­cerns in real time.
  • More descrip­tive shirt images and details show­ing dress shirt attrib­ut­es.
  • New shirt mea­sure­ment videos that accom­pa­ny each shirt attribute.
  • Can down­load and print mea­sur­ing tape.

Sleeve Mea­sure­ment


  • Increased offer­ing of fab­rics to 80.
  • Offer­ing a low­er entry fab­ric ($49) for those new to online tai­lor­ing.

Dress Shirt Fab­rics

Check Out and Deliv­ery

  • Sim­pli­fied one page check out
  • Inter­na­tion­al ship­ping
  • Rush Deliv­ery — For an addi­tion­al $40, receive an order in 12 days or less
  • Pay­pal now an accept­ed form of pay­ment.

Here’s a brief video show­ing how we make our cus­tom dress shirts.

We’re hope your excit­ed about the improve­ments we’ve made. We lis­tened to your feed­back and here are the results!

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