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To Cuff or Not to Cuff Your Jeans

Jay Wen

Lately I’ve noticed guys cuffing or rolling their jeans. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Personally, I cuff mine or give it a skinny roll if they’re a bit long, otherwise, I get em’ hemmed. Anyway, this phenomenon has picked up steam in the fashion industry and on the street by everyone’s favorite sartorialist.

The thick, one fold cuff seems to be the trendy pick. I think it looks ok, but garners too much attention to your feet. Also, a thick cuff makes a man look shorter.

I prefer a shorter cuff and if I need to roll them up, go for a skinny roll, though, I think he rolled them a little too high. Showing ankle is better left to the ladies.

Then there’s John Turturro (always terrific in a Spike Lee or Coen film) who doesn’t seem to care and looks good doing it.

So I guess it really depends on what type of jeans your wearing, the length and cut but mostly who you are. Don’t follow the trends out there, but roll or cuff as needed. Necessity never fails, making your appearance natural rather than forced. Here’s an example of a thick roll but it works because he’s trusting his own style.

Regardless if you roll or cuff your jeans, it looks best over dressier type shoes instead of sneakers, unless your sporting chino’s.

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