The Old Fashioned Cocktail


An Old Fashioned Libation

I was in the mood for some­thing to unwind the day’s bur­den. We had about a hour before our table was ready, so I want­ed some­thing strong but mel­low. Usu­al­ly, I’d get a John­nie Walk­er Black on the rocks, but my bud­dy sug­gest­ed an Old Fash­ioned. I hadn’t had it before, but our good friend Don Drap­er recent­ly made one, so I was curi­ous.

old fashioned cocktail

The bour­bon (Maker’s Mark) came through clear­ly, but wasn’t over­whelm­ing as the sweet­ness masked the bit­ter­ness, gar­nished with an orange and cher­ries. It went down easy, leav­ing me with a grad­u­al­ly build­ing buzz. Yes, this was the right choice, so we ordered anoth­er.

Lat­er, I uncov­ered the mag­ic ingre­di­ents, dat­ing back to the 1880’s from Louisville, Ken­tucky. Straight­for­ward, sim­ple, for­got­ten in the mind’s of many and rein­ter­pret­ed many times over. Some­times, it’s nice to take down a clas­sic, some­thing dif­fer­ent from the reg­u­lar line­up, a refresh­ing step back from mod­ern bore­dom. Nos­tal­gia nev­er tast­ed so good.


A cocktail recipe for success.

  • Whiskey or Old Fash­ioned glass
  • 1 sug­ar cube or a tea­spoon of crushed sug­ar
  • 2 dash­es of Angos­tu­ra bit­ters
  • Add some water to dis­solve the sug­ar, now mix
  • Add 3 or 4 ice cubes
  • 2 ounces of bour­bon or if desired, rye
  • Stir and add gar­nish, twist. Some pre­fer orange or cher­ries or both

Now kick back, have an inter­est­ing con­ver­sa­tion with the brunette and you’re good to go. We’ll rec­om­mend a good liba­tion every now and then to help fresh­en up your rota­tion.

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