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10 Things In A Man’s Winter Wardrobe

Lloyd Hughes

10 Essentials For A Man’s Winter Wardrobe

Heading into the fall, men all over the country begin the chore of putting away their summer staples (and memories) in favor of cold weather essentials. It is usually a depressing feeling, more so because of the cold that will set in. Playing with textures, layers, and colors make the colder months a more intrepid affair. And most men look forward to that at the very least.

Putting a number on how many essentials one needs can be moot point. You need however many you need, so let’s start with 10 for now. Pardon the lengthy post, we got carried away.

1- All about bags.

a – The much loved Alenjandro Ingelmo duffle.

Leather duffle bag man's winter wardrobeb – A choice hold-all bag.

Perfect for the traveling man on a weekend getaway, or short-haul business trips.



Leather hold-all bag man's winter wardrobe

c – A coveted Jerome Dreyfuss buttery goat skin tote bag.

Very business casual in its approach, tote bags are the perfect functional add-on with your ensemble on a day out. Through in a lunch box, a DSLR, and any other accessories you can’t comfortable carry in your pockets. Totes are the modern approach to carrying a classic briefcase.



Tote bag man's winter wardrobe

d – Blind Chic, Big Bad Wolf 2 messenger bag.

A perfect compliment to your adventurous needs, in the city or wilderness. These messenger bags are constructed of waxed canvas, from a Hungarian manufacturer. Pockets, adjustable straps, and other functional aspects make this piece versatile. Comfort isn’t sacrificed either, with the use of padded shoulder straps. Stuck in the rain? This bag is waterproof.


messenger canvas bag man's winter wardrobe

Man's winter wardrobe essential messenger bag


2 – T-shirt sweaters

Warm, and extremely comfortable. Along with the drop shoulder seams, you also get a great casual fit. Courtesy of Raf Simons.

t-shirt sweater man's winter wardrobe


Man's winter wardrobe t-shirt sweater colored

3 – Velvet blazer

Jimi Hendrix, the epitome of Purple Haze puts your mind in a daze. Seen here sporting a maroon velvet blazer. Truly a timeless piece for your collection in cooler climates. Color options are endless but try cocoa brown, rich black, maroon, dark purple, charcoal or midnight blue.
Velvet blazer man's winter wardrobe

4 – The best shoes

Remember, Oxfords and Balmorals are a closed lace.
Derby’s and Bluchers are an open lace.
Here’s a little bit of inspiration from some great brands:

a – Antonio Maurizi wingtip balmorals (closed lace)

Wingtip footwear winter wardrobe

b – Berluti – The Piercing Collection

Berluti shoes winter man's wardrobe

c – Gaziano & Girling Ltd – Balmoral’s with a touch of brogue-ing.
Gaziano and Girling men's shoes winter wardrobe


d – Gaziano & Girling – Two tone, half suede, half calf skin balmoral wingtips.  
Gaziano and Girling fiddleback waist winter wardrobe

f – Loomis Chukksa from the Paul Smith Collection. 

Paul smith chukkas winter wardrobe

g – Show some swagger with Ronnie Fleg Boots
Ronnie Fleg boots winter wardrobe staple

h – Zonkey Boot

Walk miles in supremely comfortable shoes from Zonkey Boot.

Zonkey Boot man's winter wardrobe

i – Saucony retro style sneakers
Saucony retro sneakers winter wardrobe


j – Alden – Blue suede tassel loafers.
Alden snuff suede perfect winter wardrobe


k – Pierre Corthay – Parisian bespoke shoemaker.

Corthay shoe collection winter wardrobe
5 – Hat game

a – Borsalino bowler / derby hat. 

Bowler hat perfect for winter wardrobe

b – Barbisio fedora / trilby / Indiana Jones hat / Humphrey Bogart hat / gangster hat. A hat by many names. 

Winter wardrobe hat

A gangster and his hat winter wardrobe

c – The south side of Chicago is deemed “The hat capital of the world.”  I highly recommend those in and around the city to visit Optimo Hat Co.


Optimo Hats Chicago winter wardrobe


6 – Overcoats, morning coats, and top coats – a perfect winter wardrobe staple

Some inspirational illustrations from a bygone era, showing exquisite coats for a man’s winter wardrobe.

Coats for a man's winter wardrobe


Coats for a man's winter wardrobe
7 – Hoodie weather.

Keep a set of quality hoodies.  Pay close attention to the quality of the hood itself as a heavier hood is preferred.

Perfect hoodies warm for winter wardrobe

Winter wardrobe hoodie

8 – Scarves – winter wardrobe favorites

Decorating oneself in a scarf is a style in and of itself, not to mention the plethora of scarf knots that further signify your niche. Pay heed to this extra long scarf, courtesy of Burberry Prorsum.


Scarves for a man's winter wardrobe

Johnny Depp wears his scarf well.

Johnny Depp sporting winter wardrobe scarf
9 – Drop crotch denim.

An interesting take on denim for the adventurous.

Crotch denim winter wardrobe
10 – Parkas – perfect for a man’s winter wardrobe.

Your best companion in winter is often a warm jacket to fight the elements with. Although it can be difficult to find one that meets all your criteria, the parka is an excellent choice to consider. With an attached hood trimmed with a fur ruff, aboriginals in cold areas used them extensively for head protection all the way down to mid-thigh.

The body and sleeves are often sewn of caribou, ground squirrel or sealskin. Wolverine or wolf is used for the fur ruff. Contemporary fancy or dress parkas lean toward velvet, corduroy or velveteen on the outside, with a lining and trim of wolf, fox, rabbit or polar bear fur. They usually zip down the front.

Everyday parkas may be lined with Thinsulate TM or quilted fabric, with fur trim only around the hem, cuffs and hood.  Modern hoods may be only half as deep as traditional North slope hoods; they act more as photogenic frames for the face than as protection from subzero wind.

Muskrat and hare are the least priced furs available, and commonly used for children’s parkas. For Alaska Native adults, parkas may be sewn of sea otter. The most expensive parkas are sewn entirely of wolf or wolverine.
Cold weather parka for winter wardrobe
Winter wardrobe parka for men