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I’ve seen Ryan Gosling’s new film, Drive, and that ele­va­tor scene still rings true. There are plenty of moments that jolted me from my seat, along with test­ing my patience for a scene to unfold. Regard­less, it pays homage to past film noir mas­ter­pieces along with a few from the 70’s, with a mod­ern fresh­ness. And Gosling couldn’t be bet­ter, sulk­ing along, mum­bling lines like Brando used to, a man on the brink.

The film is highly styl­ized. Glossy L.A. serves as Gosling’s play­ground, his choice in cars reflect­ing Amer­i­can mus­cle while his clothes hark back to the 70’s, all func­tion no waste. We found a ter­rific review on the film that digs deeper into the con­nec­tion of the star’s look and the psy­chol­ogy behind it.

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