My Name is Bond | And I Wear Cocktail Cuffs

The quin­tes­sen­tial James Bond is Sean Con­nery. He estab­lished the brand, the image and the icon. To this day, Sean Con­nery is still remem­bered for his role as James Bond. And there’s noth­ing wrong with that, espe­cially if the Ital­ians deem you wor­thy enough for the nick­name, Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

But beneath the swag­ger and gleam­ing appear­ance, there are the details that ulti­mately define the big pic­ture. Such as his trusty Walther PPK. And the glo­ri­ous Aston Mar­tin DB5. And sir, make that shaken, not stirred.

Look­ing closer, he added per­sonal style defined with clas­sic tra­di­tion. Such as wear­ing a tux with a NATO watch strap. He’s mix­ing sen­si­bil­ity and style, a pru­dent les­son we should all follow.

Less known and most unique, how­ever, is the Cock­tail cuff. Bond/Connery can be seen in the ear­lier films wear­ing a Flow­back cuff (aka Cock­tail cuff, Turn­back cuff). Easy to over­look, it adds a stamp of per­sonal style with flair. It could be con­sid­ered a hybrid cuff, hav­ing attrib­utes of the French and Bar­rel cuffs, the best of both styles. So do as Bond does, wear­ing con­ser­v­a­tive dress shirts and suits with slight tweaks, the cuffs being the most flamboyant.

Using our cus­tom dress shirt tool, you can make your own Bond shirt with Cock­tail cuffs. We’ve cho­sen a white dress shirt with a pin­point weave, spread col­lar, French placket and no pocket. We also rec­om­mend get­ting the col­lar, placket and cuffs sewn, rather than fused.

There are an end­less list of details that make up the Bond per­sona. Each new Bond, from Con­nery to Daniel Craig, bring a new ele­ment to the Bond style, rep­re­sent­ing some of the biggest brands in the world. Most are out of reach but a few are within our grasp, such as the Cock­tail cuff. Now you can have it too.

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