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With the weather warm­ing up, what to wear when only a but­ton down dress shirt will do?

Well, she has the right idea. You’re going to want some­thing light weight, light in color and with fibers that breathe well. Vibrant col­ors are asso­ci­ated with the warmer months, so select bright stripes or checks on white or light blue.

The key to keep­ing your cool is in the fab­ric. It shouldn’t absorb or trap heat but allow for the fab­ric to breathe. 100% cot­ton is an excel­lent con­duc­tor of heat but poplin makes a great selec­tion as well. Poplin has a very light tex­ture and smooth fin­ish, sim­i­lar to Pin­point and requires lit­tle iron­ing. Here are spe­cific details on men’s dress shirt fab­rics.

Linen is the king of hot weather wear, but be warned of exces­sive wrin­kling. Based off a plant based fiber, it wicks away mois­ture and spreads heat. It should fit your build com­fort­ably allow­ing warm air to pass through. This is the most casual of sum­mer dress shirts.

Ging­ham makes a nice, casual Sum­mer shirt, appear­ing with small checks or squares. Mag­nif­i­cent Bas­tard pro­vides insight on where to get a ging­ham dress shirt.

Another option would be a short sleeved, Madras dress shirt. Madras cot­ton is light weight, breath­able and usu­ally comes in dif­fer­ent pat­terns of plaid.

Short sleeve but­ton downs are laid back but a step above a polo. They look great in vibrant shades. Don’t pair with a tie and they look best, left untucked. Also, if you have an old dress shirt, get it tai­lored. Have the sleeves short­ened to mid bicep, tapered at the waist and have the length reduced as well, just past the hips.

If you pre­fer long sleeved dress shirts, you can always roll them up. This is a great way to give your­self some style with a sense of pur­pose. Keep them near or just past the elbows.

Keep your cool and look your best this Sum­mer fol­low­ing these tips. Bright col­ors in light shades look the best but the fab­ric is what will keep you dry. If you have any sug­ges­tions, feel free to let us know.

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