The Kindest Cut | From Pants to Shorts

Feel­ing the but­tery soft, faded fab­ric in my hands, the mem­o­ries rolled by. Sum­mer par­ties on the lawn, bar­be­cues, vaca­tions and late nights filled with debauch­ery. I had these chino’s for about 10 years and it was time to retire them.

Or was it? It seemed like a shame to toss them out.

I decided to cut the legs off and make them “new” again. I could also save myself some dough from buy­ing a new pair of shorts.

I got to work.

I marked them with a pen­cil just beneath my knee cap. I laid them flat over a table, mark­ing the other leg at the same spot. I lined up a ruler on the pen­cil mark, mak­ing cer­tain it was par­al­lel with the bot­tom of the pant cuff. I traced a line across with a pen­cil and did the same with the other leg. I then cut the pant leg­gings where I marked the pants.

Don’t make the mis­take of lin­ing up your ruler with the top of the pant. Most men’s pants have a rise in the back and a dip near the front. If you use the top of your pants as a barom­e­ter, it will leave your shorts with a rise on the out­ward side. This is not good.

You can either leave them with a fray or get them hemmed. Shorts with a fray are trendy this sea­son, but per­son­ally, I’d rather wear some­thing that works for any sea­son. I took them to a tai­lor and $5 later, I had a “new” but “old” pair of comfy shorts.

I was ready to make new memories.

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