Style Trends For Men

The Kindest Cut | From Pants to Shorts

Jay Wen

Feeling the buttery soft, faded fabric in my hands, the memories rolled by. Summer parties on the lawn, barbecues, vacations and late nights filled with debauchery. I had these chino’s for about 10 years and it was time to retire them.

Or was it? It seemed like a shame to toss them out.

I decided to cut the legs off and make them “new” again. I could also save myself some dough from buying a new pair of shorts.

I got to work.

I marked them with a pencil just beneath my knee cap. I laid them flat over a table, marking the other leg at the same spot. I lined up a ruler on the pencil mark, making certain it was parallel with the bottom of the pant cuff. I traced a line across with a pencil and did the same with the other leg. I then cut the pant leggings where I marked the pants.

Don’t make the mistake of lining up your ruler with the top of the pant. Most men’s pants have a rise in the back and a dip near the front. If you use the top of your pants as a barometer, it will leave your shorts with a rise on the outward side. This is not good.

You can either leave them with a fray or get them hemmed. Shorts with a fray are trendy this season, but personally, I’d rather wear something that works for any season. I took them to a tailor and $5 later, I had a “new” but “old” pair of comfy shorts.

I was ready to make new memories.

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