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Breaking Bad | Breaking Down Walter White’s Wardrobe

Jay Wen

Breaking Bad’s Season 3 concluded recently and we’re not happy. That last episode wasn’t just a cliffhanger, but had us grappling on the edge with one finger. Just when you think the show has gone off the deep end, it dives deeper. And now we have to wait until next season! Well, to get us through the long wait, we’re going to take a closer look at Walter White, the driving force behind Breaking Bad.

Walter’s evolved from a mild mannered, straight laced high school teacher to a formidable, mythic crystal meth maker.  During his gradual change in character, he’s also undergone a transformation visually.  We’re going to discuss his style and what it takes to go from Walter White to Heinsenberg.

Walter before his transformation. High waisted chino’s and a button down along with the aviator style glasses. Harmless school teacher.

Shaved head and menacing glare in a dark green button down. Change is in the air.

His style reflects a conservative lifestyle. Until he gets desperate.

“Class, today we are going to learn how to make a perfect batch of crystal methamphetamine.”

As Walter progresses into each season, he rarely wears bright color hues. This is one of those rare moments when optimism is within reach.

The dark pants and dress shirt is a departure from the first photo, mirroring his cloudy disposition.

A dark blue dress shirt with buttoned down collars is laid back, but the black slacks give him a sense of authority. The goatee doesn’t hurt either.

Dark jacket and dress shirt reflecting his darkening mood.

The chino’s are long gone. He’s looking sharp in a navy, pin striped dress shirt and black dress pants. Looking less teacher and more gangster.

The transformation is complete.

Follow the leader.

When the hat’s on, Walter means business. And violence.

Here’s a response from Bryan Cranston, aka Walter White, during an interview regarding his style transformation below. Here’s the complete interview from AMC.

Q: Walt’s wardrobe shifted to dark colors this season. Was that a welcome change for you?

A: It was something that Vince wanted to do, and I accepted it because I thought it should be a subliminal choice. Walt wouldn’t say, “I’m going to start wearing black.” It’s something that he just starts to feel. He just feels this color is right. The other thing Walt’s done, which I think is interesting, is that even though he’s told his hair is going to start growing back, he shaves his head. I think it’s a subliminal feeling from Walt, like “I don’t recognize that guy in the mirror.” He’s dropped a considerable amount of weight; he’s gotten a lot older in the past four or five months. And as long as he’s looking in the mirror and seeing someone he doesn’t recognize he can justify what he’s doing: “That’s not me; that’s Heinsenberg.”

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