Breaking Bad | Breaking Down Walter White’s Wardrobe

Break­ing Bad’s Sea­son 3 con­cluded recently and we’re not happy. That last episode wasn’t just a cliffhanger, but had us grap­pling on the edge with one fin­ger. Just when you think the show has gone off the deep end, it dives deeper. And now we have to wait until next sea­son! Well, to get us through the long wait, we’re going to take a closer look at Wal­ter White, the dri­ving force behind Break­ing Bad.

Walter’s evolved from a mild man­nered, straight laced high school teacher to a for­mi­da­ble, mythic crys­tal meth maker.  Dur­ing his grad­ual change in char­ac­ter, he’s also under­gone a trans­for­ma­tion visu­ally.  We’re going to dis­cuss his style and what it takes to go from Wal­ter White to Heinsenberg.

Wal­ter before his trans­for­ma­tion. High waisted chino’s and a but­ton down along with the avi­a­tor style glasses. Harm­less school teacher.

Shaved head and men­ac­ing glare in a dark green but­ton down. Change is in the air.

His style reflects a con­ser­v­a­tive lifestyle. Until he gets desperate.

Class, today we are going to learn how to make a per­fect batch of crys­tal methamphetamine.”

As Wal­ter pro­gresses into each sea­son, he rarely wears bright color hues. This is one of those rare moments when opti­mism is within reach.

The dark pants and dress shirt is a depar­ture from the first photo, mir­ror­ing his cloudy disposition.

A dark blue dress shirt with but­toned down col­lars is laid back, but the black slacks give him a sense of author­ity. The goa­tee doesn’t hurt either.

Dark jacket and dress shirt reflect­ing his dark­en­ing mood.

The chino’s are long gone. He’s look­ing sharp in a navy, pin striped dress shirt and black dress pants. Look­ing less teacher and more gangster.

The trans­for­ma­tion is complete.

Fol­low the leader.

When the hat’s on, Wal­ter means busi­ness. And violence.

Here’s a response from Bryan Cranston, aka Wal­ter White, dur­ing an inter­view regard­ing his style trans­for­ma­tion below. Here’s the com­plete inter­view from AMC.

Q: Walt’s wardrobe shifted to dark col­ors this sea­son. Was that a wel­come change for you?

A: It was some­thing that Vince wanted to do, and I accepted it because I thought it should be a sub­lim­i­nal choice. Walt wouldn’t say, “I’m going to start wear­ing black.” It’s some­thing that he just starts to feel. He just feels this color is right. The other thing Walt’s done, which I think is inter­est­ing, is that even though he’s told his hair is going to start grow­ing back, he shaves his head. I think it’s a sub­lim­i­nal feel­ing from Walt, like “I don’t rec­og­nize that guy in the mir­ror.” He’s dropped a con­sid­er­able amount of weight; he’s got­ten a lot older in the past four or five months. And as long as he’s look­ing in the mir­ror and see­ing some­one he doesn’t rec­og­nize he can jus­tify what he’s doing: “That’s not me; that’s Heinsenberg.”

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