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Alden for J. Crew Longwing Bluchers | Natural & Navy

Jay Wen


Alden for J. Crew Men's Bluchers Longwings


I know what your wondering, “Is J.Crew becoming more of an upmarket menswear mecca or is the menswear movement in general getting more and more specialized?” That answer is beyond my pay grade but I will tell you that J.Crew is at it again, teaming up with Alden to offer some limited edition longwings (derby style shoes characterized by wings that extend the full length of the shoe, meeting at a center seam at the heel) that can’t be found anywhere else.

Can I be honest with you? Whew (*wipes hand across forehead), great. I’m sick and tired of pontificating about shit like Goodyear welts, full-leather lining and tempered steel shanks, so whether or not you give a baker’s fuck, let’s just agree that all those details and craftsmanship are valuable, comes with all Alden footwear and move on.

What’s interesting here is the Natural Chromexcel with their Plantation sole and Navy Suede with a red brick microcell rubber sole. Whether or not you like your bluchers to have brogueing (a pattern of punch-holes along the seams of a shoe, found in various styles of shoe, notably the brogue) is a personal choice but I, for one, am an advocate. Owning the Indy’s in Natural CXL and the Tobacco Longwings, these are the longwing lovechild I’ve been waiting for.

So what’s the moral of the story? Don’t be an idiot, they’re just shoes. It’s always good to remember that menswear doesn’t have morals. That being said, these shoes are beautiful.


Post courtesy of A Headlong Dive.

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