5 Facts on Denim

The denim jacket.

There are very few men who could pull it off and to whom the fol­low­ing facts may not apply but on the whole, men shouldn’t bother with them.

Fact No. 1, Denim on denim for men is a blun­der mistake.

Fact No. 2, A classy man knows how to layer his denim.


Don’t try too hard …



Image, cour­tesy of Esquire.com

Fash­ion edi­tors above are wear­ing denim under blaz­ers, over sweaters and with their Bar­bour coats. What are they to do when they get warm? I sug­gest one should never sup­ple­ment a win­ter coat with lay­ers of spring attire.


Fact No. 3, Denim shirts make men look hideous. “Note how the cool­ness that I’m pretty sure this guy pos­sesses is oblit­er­ated by his shirt” (Paul Michael Mur­phy @ Mur­phblog) …

Fact No. 4, If you can’t resist then do it right; rock the denim jacket with a tee, v-neck prefer­ably. Per­haps a polo if you’re a clas­sic fella and if you’re a spe­cial cow­boy then style a but­ton up shirt. And don’t dis­guise it with any extras. Here’s inspi­ra­tion for the soul …


Fact 5, For women sport­ing said denim is pre­ferred. Why? Given fem­i­nine style and fit, less fab­ric is used upon con­struc­tion leav­ing less room for dull denim to be seen. It’s a reflec­tion of the old adage, less is more. Their jack­ets don’t look boxy and the ele­ments (but­tons, seams, col­lars, zip­pers, pock­ets) show purpose.

Thus, if you’re look­ing to buy your mis­tress one check out these …

Levi’s Rigid Denim
Paige Denim
Lucky Brand
MiH Col­lec­tion

For all men: the odds are against you.

With that, I’d enjoy this blazer in dark brown …

(Cour­tesy of The Sartorialist)

Denim sport coat on the streets of Paris com­pli­mented by a bow tie, whew …

(Cour­tesy of The Sar­to­ri­al­ist)


Do it well on the streets of Milano …

(Cour­tesy of The Sar­to­ri­al­ist

From the Garbstore …

Cour­tesy of Selec­tism



Long denim jack­ets and blaz­ers have an exotic appeal. Khakis and v-neck tees com­pli­ment them best.

To learn about cus­tom dress shirts return to our home­page.


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